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Since their inception with the enactment of Florida Statute 411 and then modified with 1002. F.S., the Early Learning Coalitions of Orange and Osceola Counties have worked to promote high-quality, developmentally appropriate early care and education programs throughout Orange and Osceola Counties. Our work builds the foundation for academic success and supports an economically healthy Central Florida.

The Coalitions fund services important to parents with young children and professional staff consultants and resources to increase the quality of early education programs. Our primary services include:

Child Care Resource and Referral (CCR&R) is a free service to all and provides valuable information and referrals regarding child care options, how to select high-quality early learning/child care and after school programs, tips on child development and a host of other topics related to early learning.

School Readiness Program is designed to serve children ages birth to twelve (0-12) and to ensure that our youngest citizens will receive quality, comprehensive services appropriate to their needs, with an emphasis on assuring young children ages birth to five (0-5) enter kindergarten prepared to succeed. In addition this program helps meet the needs of working poor families on the road to self-sufficiency.

Voluntary Pre-kindergarten Program (VPK) is designed to provide access to free high-quality pre-kindergarten services for all eligible four-year-olds in Orange and Osceola Counties.

The Coalitions are public/private partnerships governed by volunteer boards. These unique partnerships of business and community leaders, health and education professionals, and government and nonprofit stakeholders have invested countless hours in the development and implementation of early learning programs designed to ensure young children are “school ready”. Working hard to address the complex issues related to early learning, the Coalition Boards are responsible for establishing policies and procedures and providing oversight of the implementation of all programmatic and financial components of early learning programs.

The work of the Coalitions is built on the utilization of the existing community infrastructure and available services designed to respond to the needs of Orange and Osceola counties children and families. Strategies to foster optimal child development, based on research and promising practices, have been incorporated into the plans and adapted to our communities’ cultural and linguistic populations to maximize the culturally diverse needs of the Central Florida community. 

Did you know

Children are born ready to learn and explore. From birth to three years of age, a child experiences the greatest amount of human growth and development. The quality of your child's life during the first five years will set the stage for future learning and success. Of course, all children develop at different rates. The biggest surprise is that small things can make a big difference.

Over stimulation, such as too many toys, too much noise and activity, too much stimulation appears to have negative effects on brain development of young children (Frost 1999). Balance of play, quiet, and activity is what young children need to thrive.

Deprive an infant from touch and the brain and body will stop growing.

Physical development is determined both by genetic inheritance and environmental influences.








Early Learning Coalition of Orange County
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Early Learning Coalition of Osceola County
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